• Think Tank Photo – Urban Approach Bags and Packs

    Looking for a shoulder bag or backpack for your Mirrorless or compact DSLR camera system, one that can also hold a tablet or laptop?  Think Tank Photo has just released the Urban Approach 15 backpack, the first backpack designed specifically to hold a complete mirrorless or ttcompact DSLR camera, as well as a 15” laptop, up to a 10” tablet, smart phone, and extra space for gear and personal items.  The Urban Approach 5 shoulder bag holds one medium to large mirrorless or compact DSLR body with lens attached, one to three additional lenses, and an 8” tablet.  The Urban Approach 10 shoulder bag holds one medium to large Mirrorless body or compact DSLR with lens attached, two to four additional lenses, and up to a 10” tablet.  And don’t forget that with my special arrangement with Think Tank, when you place an order for $50 or more you will automatically be able to receive a Think Tank item for free!






  • Learn Street Photography In Ann Arbor


    Please check out the new workshop I am doing with Alanna St. Laurent Photography

    We will meet at Sava’s Restaurant in Ann Arbor for some great breakfast, while I cover the ins and outs of what is accepted and what to steer clear of when shooting people in public places.  We will talk about style and composition when it comes to street photography as opposed to portrait shooting.

    We will also cover how to create a story with your images. You will create two or three goals for the day and shoot with your list in mind.  It will be a challenge both in photography and how you visually “see” the market and the people interacting in it.

    After breakfast we will head out as a group to the State Street area to start out and begin shooting! This is meant as a fun exercise in photography to help you capture more captivating images. Both Alanna and myself will be available to answer any camera or composition questions you may have while we are out shooting.

    WHAT TO BRING:  Camera, a 50mm prime is great or a mid-range lens.  If you only have the kit lens that will work too.  We will discuss gear for a couple of minutes in regards to how going lighter is easier to improve your vision.  No tripods will be needed.

    The cost for the workshop is only $35 and it goes from 9am to 12:00pm on Saturday. April 11, 2015.

    You can sign up by clicking here to go to the Meetup site to register.

    Look forward to seeing you on the streets.

  • Invest in Yourself

    1060_001 (1)

    Image by Alanna St. Laurent


    I have been compelled to write about photography workshops, classes and photo tours.  Lately I had some conversations with others whose opinion I value and we ended up discussing how important investing in yourself is and likely more important than investing in a new lens or body.  We came to the conclusion that we all love new gear but till we felt comfortable using it just wasn’t as much fun.  How come my pictures look the same after I bought that new camera body or my images still seem out focus after that new lens.  Questions I have heard from time to time.  When you find yourself saying these things it’s time to do a bit of self-investment.  It’s no different than my golf game or someone’s private piano lessons.  When you can focus on your passion, you start to improve.  When you can actually set the time aside for nothing but photography, things just get better and your inner fire starts to burn hotter.  I have found that workshops have a way of doing that to me.  I love gear as much as the next guy.  Well, OK I actually love it more.  Heck, I even cohost a show called Mirrorless Minutes where we talk about gear every other week so I know I love IMG_6654gear.  If I didn’t attend workshops though, I know photography would become stale for me.  I belong to the Arcanum school involved with a Master photographer, James Maher, where we have feedback with not only James but the others in our cohort.  This feedback always helps to see the world in a different way and I love that.  Training is essential to growth in my mind and that is why I continue to invest in my own as well as share that information in workshops or classes that I provide.

    So, the next time you are considering taking that workshop or photo tour know you will be doing yourself a favor by investing in your passion, photography.  Check out all the great opportunities out there for training and select something to invest in.  Even if you might have a new body or lens when you show up for the workshop the experience and interaction working with the instructor and other participants will be priceless.  Ignite your fires and look for a workshop today.

  • Seeing Double

    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.mikeboening.com

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