• “Once I Was Loved By A Girl With Red Hair”

    drawing of edsel

    This is one of those unique stories I have had because of an image I shot. A few years back I was contacted by an artist from Kansas City inquiring about an image I had taken at Old Car City in White, GA.  It was of an old Edsel rusted out and covered with brush.  The artist went on to tell me the story of her father who used to have the same automobile and what it meant to him.  She had asked if I minded letting her do a pastel painting of my image.  I of course obliged.  I have not heard from her for almost 2 years, till late last moth.  She sent me a beautiful picture of her pastel and told me it was accepted into a juried art contest at The Tim Murphy Art Gallery in Merriam, KS.  How exciting to hear the story and the amount of time that had passed.  I love her piece of art she made and of course it’s titled “Once I Was Loved By A Girl With Red Hair”

    My love for photography and the art continues to grow when stories like this come to life.

    Here is the original image