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    Over the last week I have been very excited to share the news about my recent selection into the Olympus Visionary program as a Trailblazer.  I’m also very humbled at the same time to be included with such a fine group of photographers.  I thought maybe a recap of my journey so far with Olympus was in order to explain how all this came about.

    Without going too far into the history books, I have always been excited about photography and technology, so over the years I have worked with many different cameras and brands but mostly Nikon when it came to DSLRs.  Since 2010 I have taken photography much more seriously and worked at learning the art and technology through multiple podcasts and training from any area I could absorb it on the internet.  One of the podcasts that I listened to regularly was The Digital Story with Derrick Story.  I never miss an episode, even today.  If you don’t listen to this one, go over to iTunes and subscribe, you will not be sorry.  Derrick was exploring this idea of the Nimble Photographer and I had a keen interest in the same thing as I was shooting events and headshots at the time and carrying just too much equipment, bulk and weight.

    My Olympus journey started with the OM-D E-M5 in early 2012 and as I worked and explored more image making projects I found my Nikons were being used less and less, so I started selling some of that equipment and in October of 2013 when Olympus released their flagship OM-D E-M1, I went all in.  I could now shoot all I needed with my lighter and much more nimble, OM-D system.  My passion for photography had been given a serious boost of creativity and I loved what was happening with Olympus and the direction of the company.  More and more I continued training and became involved with Olympus groups on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter where I met Jamie MacDonald, a longtime member of the Olympus Visionary program as a Trailblazer.  We began to talk online and I continued to reach out and explore what could be done with Olympus cameras through others in the Visionary program and industry.

    Fast forwarding to today, the journey continues, with me getting much more involved in my true passion of photography, the street/urban side as well as instructing others in the same area.  I love spreading the word on this type of art and when it’s made with Olympus cameras it’s that much easier.  My love for technology of course has never dwindled as Jamie and I now host a video podcast called Mirrorless Minutes where we explore mirrorless photography and interview guests who share that same passion with mirrorless cameras and how they integrate them into their careers or hobbies.

    I am thankful to Olympus for this opportunity and my family support system who allows me the time to pursue the art of photography.  I feel honored to be considered for the Visionary program as a Trailblazer and look forward to continuing my journey with Olympus exploring all that can be accomplished with such amazing tools.

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  • Mirrorless Minutes Episode #13

    Check out the latest broadcast where Jamie MacDonald and I talk about the world of mirrorless cameras and more.  We also go into some detail about two of our upcoming workshops and Jamie talks more in-depth about his experience with the new Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

  • Recent Interview from Live and Uncut

    Recently Jamie MacDonald and me were interviewed for the podcast called Live and Uncut run by Paul Griffiths.  This was out first international interview as Paul resides in London.  It was an exciting hour+, filled with information regarding how Mirrorless Minutes came to be and our inspirations in photography.  Check it out below.

  • Live and Uncut Interview

    Last night I was honored along with Jamie MacDonald to be interviewed for Live and Uncut with Paul Griffiths.  This was our first international interview as Paul resides in London and runs his video podcast from across the pond.  Check it out below and learn how Mirrorless Minutes came to be and more about our photography and love for the mirrorless brand.  Paul Griffiths is also a member of my cohort from the Arcanum in Street Photography.


  • Mirrorless Minutes Interview #4

    Check out the newest show from Jamie MacDonald and Myself as conduct an interview with Bill Booz, a mirrorless shooter and educator from VA.  We also will cover some upcoming news in the Mirrorless world and learn about Bill’s new E book just published.  Our next show will be on Tuesday, March 17th at 8:00pm EST.  Be sure to tune in.