Gifts For The Mirrorless Dad

With less than two weeks from Father’s Day I wanted to put together a list for anyone who might be searching for that perfect gift for a Dad who loves Micro Four Thirds photography and is on the road traveling.  So, basically it’s a list of what I would like…  Here are my top 5 items with one bonus selection that you can never go wrong with.  Happy Father’s Day out there to all those Dads who love Shooting Light and Shooting Often.


The Domke 11 inch protective wrap – $12.50

When your Dad travels and can only bring his briefcase or backpack onto the plane, he wants to make sure he has his equipment with him and not down below in a checked bag.  The Domke wrap is great for that.  This will fit any of the Olympus OMD models with the 14-42 EZ lens attached and can easily fit in a briefcase or backpack.



Monster Power Strip To Go – $16.20

When your Dad gets to the hotel and needs to plug his laptop in along with an iPhone and probably a battery charger for his camera batteries it’s always hard trying to find those outlets behind a bed or dresser.  Make it easier with a small and portable 4 outlet switch from Monster.



Mastering The Olympus OM-D E-M1 – $39.95

If your dad owns the Olympus OM-D E-M1 this book is a must have.  The menus are explained clearly and every section has the recommended settings which always helps when he is out shooting.  Plus it’s great to take on planes and read while on destination.




The Olympus M. Zuiko 14-42 mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ Lens – $299.00

This lens is the ultimate low profile quick and easy travel lens for the Micro Four Thirds systems.  It works great when you need some wide angle shots all the way to a mid zoom lens.  Clean and fast, this is a great one to have.  Plus, when you use the OI Share app on your smart phone you can actually zoom in and out right on the phone screen with this lens, bonus!



Me-Foto Day Trip Tripod – $99.00

An amazing little tripod.  MeFoto makes a few great styles and this is their smallest.  When you want a tripod but know you don’t want to check a bag when flying this is a great addition.  Your Dad can bring this all the time when he travels and if he needs to get up higher just look for a rock or can to set it on.  He will never be let down with this little thing.  It’s very strong and sturdy even when trying to set up shots in windy situations.



BONUS GIFT – Gear Ties 16 Pack – $22.47

You just can’t go wrong with these gear ties.  If your Dad travels with electronics, he has cords and those cords need to be tamed.  These little ties do the best job when trying pack more efficiently.  Nice bonus gift that keeps on giving….



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