Check out our most recent episode of Mirrorless Minutes where Jamie MacDonald and I talk about a landmark for Mirrorless Minutes, the celebration of our two years on air!  Wow, it’s been two years and this is episode #50.  We have fun reminiscing about the past and some of the great times we had and give some hints for what’s coming in the future.  I am very thankful to my family and wife, Denise, for all her support over this time and the craziness that ensues around the house every other Wednesday when we broadcast.  I would also like to thank Terry McKay who played an integral part in launching all that is Mirrorless Minutes.  We know many of you have been asking so we listened and we are out there on iTunes, check it out and subscribe.  Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you like it and subscribe to our channel for future episodes.

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