• Urbex Interview on Street Focus


    I was recently a guest on Valerie Jardin’s podcast called, Street Focus, where I discussed my love for Urban Exploring and some of the ins and outs of this type of photography.  Urbex has been an area I love to explore whether it’s an abandoned building in Detroit or beyond.  Enjoy the show.

    Link to the show

    Eastown_Theater_Detroit Woodward_Presbyterian_Detroit



  • Mirrorless Minutes in the Top Ten

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    Recently Heather Broster wrote a blog post on the Ten Mirrorless Blogs you Should Follow in 2015.  I am proud to say that Mirrorless Minutes was selected in that top ten.  Both Heather and Mathieu Gasquete run the site MirrorLessons which covers the world of mirrorless cameras and they do very insightful work.  Our little project that we started late last year is continuing to grow month by month and Jamie MacDonald and I are very focused on making it a very viable source for news and reviews in the world of Mirrorless Cameras.  Recently we added Tammy Lee Bradley with her insightful reviews on all brands of mirrorless cameras and as always we have Terry McKay who has taken the idea and turned it into a website as well as the audio over to iTunes.  On top of that he also attends the podcasts from time time time to talk abut his mirrorless journey.  So check out all the links and learn what makes Mirrorless Minutes tick and hopefully you will become a regular subscriber to our website and video channel on YouTube.

  • Newest Episode of Mirrorless Minutes


    Check out the newest episode of Mirrorless Minutes where Jamie MacDonald and I discuss the world of Mirrorless Photography and talk about some of our upcoming events and shows.  If you you don’t have time to watch the video know that Mirrorless Minutes is on iTunes and available for download as a Podcast.  Feel free to go over and subscribe on iTunes or on YouTube.  We would love to have you be part of the team.