• Keep The Focus for Street Photographers


    I was recently featured in a book written by my good friend and CEO of Cosyspeed, Thomas Ludwig.  Check out the information below and feel free to download it today.  The price is right, FREE!


    ‘Keep the Focus’ is a free eBook and practical guide on how to improve your street photography with three meditation techniques. The more you familiarise yourself with these techniques, the more you will find yourself able to better concentrate and focus when taking pictures. This will have a visible impact on the quality of your photos! It may even stimulate your creativity and create new potential and possibilities.

    Outstanding Street Photographers have contributed to this project, such as Mike Boening, Valerie Jardin, Eric Kim, Marco Larousse, Thomas Leuthard, Rinzi Roco Ruiz, Spyros Papaspyropoulos and Forrest Walker. Many thanks to you guys ūüôā



  • San Francisco Photo Workshop

    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.memoriesbymike.zenfolio.com

    Are you looking for an amazing workshop to kick of your 2016 photographic year, if so look no further.  Check out the workshop below that I will be co leading with Derrick Story from The Digital Story.  This is the third year for this workshop and it proves to be the best now that it has been extended to three days.  There are so many great opportunities for photography in this area and Derrick has selected the best of them.  Check out the whole itinerary here at this link.

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  • Summer Smiles

    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.mikeboening.com

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  • The Look

    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.mikeboening.com

    If you find my work interesting please consider sharing

  • Celebrate National Camera Day June 29th


    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.memoriesbymike.zenfolio.com

    To celebrate National Camera Day I wanted to talk about my favorite camera/lens combo.  Like most photographers I have a certain passion within photography.  It’s where I feel most comfortable shooting and it’s the place I always gravitate to.  For me, that passion is Street Photography and the urban landscape.

    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.mikeboening.com

    With minimal time to explore my passion on a daily basis because of life’s commitments I need a camera that is ready to go in an instant, pack easily for travel and is light to carry.  When I need this combo I am turning to my Olympus OM-D E-M10 coupled with the M. Zuiko 17mm f/1.8 prime lens.

    This combination is just about perfect for me from field of view, nearly 35mm in a full frame equivalent, which lets me capture what I naturally see with my own eyes.  Its super quick auto focus coupled with the ability to shoot in very dark situations makes it the tool of choice.  I can go from a bright sunny day in the streets to inside a museum and have the ISO range to capture it all.

    If you are into documenting or capturing life in the streets at home or when you travel the Olympus OM-D E-M10 with the 17mm f/1.8 prime is the combo for you.

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.memoriesbymike.zenfolio.com    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.mikeboening.com    Photo by Mike Boening http://www.memoriesbymike.zenfolio.com